Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Breaking the Rules: Playing When Unfocused

I woke up this morning (that's as good as this story gets) with to the best of knowledge was a small creature with a sledgehammer smashing the insides of my head. It was bad enough to call out of the office, since focusing wasn't gonna be my strong suit today and the potential for self inflicted pain at work was high. So I got the bright idea to try a couple of sit & goes, and try to get my mind off of the pain. What followed was the throwing away of the modest profit that I had earned in three sit & goes, culminating in this ridiculously simplistic misplay at the end of the 3rd:

It starts out well enough, a standard under the gun raise to 150, and my decision to flat call there was an attempt to not race so early in the tournament. I thought about the raise, but I didn't want to get over involved with pocket Queens when it's very possible that this guy's raising in that position with Ace King and a raise will induce him to shove.
The raise behind me should have set off all kinds of bells and whistles but instead I decide he's just trying to squeeze with his 2nd place stack (a horrible conclusion) and decide to do EXACTLY what I didn't want to do ... get over involved with pocket Queens this early in a tournament when there's so much play left. I guess the good news is that it's only a $5+.50 sit & go, but for this day, I break my rule by playing when I can't stay focused and go out like a Mexican Clydesdale.

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