Monday, January 12, 2009

EMHD Event #2: Saturday, 1/17/09

Part of the reason behind his site was to discuss and post updates on the EMHD, which is a project that my co-author, MH62 put together in collaboration with myself and several other home game compadres. EMHD = Either a Made Hand or a Draw, based around another story that my counterpart will post sometime in the future.

Essentially, this is a tournament league where a group of us plays a series of medium stakes buy-in tournements ($100 or so), and we track results and points based on finish and knockouts, etc. Each tournament will rake a sum off the top to be put in the final prize pool. At the end of the seven events, the leading point getter receives enough to fund roundtrip airfare to Vegas, enough for 2-3 night's hotel, and $1500 for a buy-in to a World Series of Poker event.

This will be my personal first event of the Series, but I am looking forward to it. I hope to be back with a critique of my play, some hand histories of large hands that I witnessed, and some final results for you all.

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