Monday, January 12, 2009

Yet another reason why I'm a sick bastard...

I am a huge Eagles fan and have been since birth. My mom held me in her lap watching the Eagles get crushed in Super Bowl XV, and I came of age as a fan during the great Eagles defenses of 1989-1992 with Randle Cunningham as a homeless man's Donovan McNabb. Anyway, no sooner did the Eagles defeat the Giants, then I was on Stubhub, eBay, and Kayak looking for game and plan tickets to get to Phoenix for the NFC Championship.

I estimated my total costs at $942 ($220 for a game ticket, $500 airfare, splitting hotel and car + food = another $222). I actually went through on a spreadsheet and figured out where I'd get the money from, what credit cards I'd use, and how long it would take to pay it off if I lived the same way. Turns out that with interest, the trip would cost me about $1,500, and I wouldn't be able to afford a new TV for 3 months and couldn't go on vacation until October.

After that, I did another spreadsheet with a cost/benefit analysis and actually estimated my utility from going on the trip (if they won) vs. going on the trip if they lost and assigned weighted averages based on probability of winning. I compared that to the baseline of more financial flexibility, the new TV sooner, and a vacation this summer, and I determined that I would be happier watching the game at Rhino Bar with all the other Iggles fans, and just call it a day.

Sure, I could have come to this decision with simple math or basic logic, but apparently, in depth statistical and "economic" analysis was needed. OY!


  1. If Randall Cunningham is a homeless man's anything, it's a John Elway. He's thrown more touchdown passes than McNabb (albeit with more iterceptsion) on less pass attempts, and rushed for 2000 more yards (at a 6.4 yards per rush clip, compared to McNabb's 5.8). Oh, and they've won the same number of Superbowls.

  2. Let's not confuse the issues with the facts... Anyway, Cunningham had a more dominant D (the 1989-1992 Eagles D was probably top 3 all time), and he couldn't lead the team to the NFC Championship. McNabb has a 9-4 career playoff record (to date), including 6-0 in the first playoff game of each year he starts. He has 80 career wins and a top 3 all time win percentage at QB. He doesn't turn the ball over. He has 20+ more TD's than Cunningham did with the Eagles (even though Cunningham had Keith Byers, Keith Jackson, Mike Quick, Chris Carter, Fred Barnett, and Calvin Williams on his team). Perhaps McNabb doesn't run as much, but he is a winner and a better passer than Cunningham. Period.

  3. Now you crackers wonder why I hate fans so much...Looooosssseeerrrrrs!!!

  4. Top 3 all time is a five or 6 maybe. 85 bears, steel curtain has 5 hall of famers maybe 6, 01 ravens mid 60's packers. McNabb is a way better player than Cunningham except for the running...I dont get you fans. All that team and McNabb do is win every single year and all you do it bitch like little bitches. You have the best, most productive offensive player in football when he is on the field and yet bitch, bitch, bitch...

  5. No one has ever heard me utter a single ill word about having McNabb as the Eagles QB. fact. In fact, I did a whole treatise against Tony describing how great McNabb has been the last 10 years.